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Jewellery valuation can be a complicated business. Unfortunately, ‘What is this worth?’ is rarely a simple question. This leads to great confusion among customers and even dealers of jewellery (and any other product for that matter). The value of an item depends on several variables including the market being compared, the urgency and circumstances of the potential sale, the ownership history of the item and other issues. These can make a tremendous difference in the final valuation. A ‘valuation’ that doesn’t consider these topics is of no value whatsoever. Speak to our team in Melbourne and we can answer the question you are dying to know.


Did I receive what I expected? Am I paying a fair price?

Our team in Melbourne will give a fair, unbiased and accurate assessment of what you’ve purchased or are considering purchasing.

What services can you provide?

Jewellery Valuations Australia can value a loose gemstone, an engagement band, diamond wedding ring or the antique jewellery collection of your grandmother’s estate. Our GIA Graduate gemologist can identify, classify, and appraise your treasures for market value, for insurance, for charitable contribution, for estate valuation or for court testimony purposes. We’ll take the time to answer the correct question, not just the one we thought you should be asking.

I just want to know what it's worth.

Come in to our laboratory and have the value and quality of your diamonds, watches, gemstones and other jewellery verified while you watch.

Call our jewellery valuation specialist today on 03 9012 7553 for an appointment or inquire right now by email. We are your jewellery valuation experts in Melbourne.

How much will a valuation cost?

Valuation price depends on the complexity of a specific item. For example rings start at $70, and it is rare for items to cost more than $120

We require about an hour to do the valuation (with appointment)